Pre-Symptomatic Diagnostics

"Real Time" Diagnostics

Companion Diagnostics

Impacting Precision Medicine

The diagnostic industry, worth over $120bn (post COVID) is broken...

Finding and treating diseases and disorders early reduces their negative impact on health

Early diagnostics opens the door to better precision care, improved care pathways and treatments reducing costs for better health services

Current Market


Lateral Flow Test

The Solution

The Benefits

What we do!

Nano in vitro diagnostics that will facilitate precision medicine

Nanosensors that can be trained to detect diseases in humans, animals and the environment as easy as a pregnancy test

Our focus is on global challenges, impacting multi-dimensional pathways: from diagnosis to management (true personalised medicine)

Early, accurate pre symptomatic diagnostics - Global Challenges

Diseases caused by an External agent
(infectious deaths per year)

Diseases caused by an Internal body failure
(non-infectious deaths per year)

Good Health and Wellbeing

Early, accurate pre symptomatic diagnostics - Global Challenges

NIVD Leadership


Dr Sonia Trigueros

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

A world leader in nano-tech medicine


Xavier Anglada

Co-Founder | Head of Strategy

25+years of G2000 C-Level advisory, tech ventures entrepreneur and investor


Charlie Regis

Partnerships and Investors

Global network of start up & scale up advisors, accelerators & investors


James Perry

Commercial and Operations

Distribution network for products and technologies, Asset management and Marketing.

Advisory Team


Simon Rendell

IP Portfolio

IP and Trademark Lawyer, partner at FieldFisher


Onesimo Alvarez Moro


Venture Capital investments. CFO and CIO at Private Equity


Dr John Lee Allen

Medical Tech

Investor with a background as physician, scientist, technology, entrepreneur